Activities of the Werkgroep

The major daily activities of the Werkgroep are:

  • organizing meetings and annual weekend gatherings for members;
  • setting up a telephone service with one national and several regional contacts;
  • organizing discussion groups in most regions of the Netherlands;
  • assisting with the preparation and production of radio and television programs on this subject and helping to counsel those people phoning in for help;
  • helping with publications for the national press, regional newspapers, magazines published by social bodies and religious institutions;
  • publishing an information bulletin to act as the link between the Werkgroep, members and helpers;
  • establishing and maintaining contact with a variety of organizations that offer care and support;
  • compiling a bibliography on the problems of ‘children of collaborators’;
  • maintaining an archive for (press) articles, photographs and tapes of radio and television programs;


The Werkgroep supervised a national survey for the NIZW (Netherlands Institute for Health and Social Services) into support for children of collaborators and publishing a book on the results of that survey.

The Stichting Werkgroep Herkenning has gathered an enormous amount of data from discussions with fellow-sufferers; from meetings, from telephone conversations and from correspondence. From all these data we selected those subjects which evidently play a major role, which are typical of the problems experienced by the many different members of Herkenning.

When discussing the problems we distinguish between the cause of the problems and the effects they have some 50 years later.
Looking at the cause of the problems, we also distinguish between internal and external factors.

Whereas we are very much aware that these factors are not easy to distinguish between, because of the interweave between the two, we have still chosen to make a distinction in order to bring at least some structure into a subject which is otherwise so complex.