The International Bulletin

This bulletin is an initiative of the Organization Herkenning, a self-help group of children of Dutch collaborators. It is a bi-annual bulletin that appeared for the first time in the autumn of 1995.
The target group was first of all the children of Nazis and collaborators. Some of them were members of ‘mixed’ groups (TRT, One by One, Austrian Encounter, KOMBI), in which children of the victims meet children of the perpetrators. Of course reports about activities of these groups were published in the bulletin as well.

Gradually the focus was also on other groups:

  • Children in Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands with a (sometimes) unknown German father;
  • Children of the Lebensbornprogramme;
  • Children with a Russian (or American, Canadian) father; in Holland they have their own organization “Children of the Liberators’;
  • Children with a Japanese father;
  • Finnish children who were evacuated to Sweden and Denmark;
  • British children who were evacuated to the countryside or to the U.S.A;
  • German children of war who founded their own organization ‘Kriegskind’.

Recently contacts were made with the German organization of Lebensbornchildren and organizations of American descendants (children of the Liberators) in Belgium and France.

The bulletin is meant as a meeting place for all those who are involved in studying the problems of children of war and organizing help for them. The readers exchange their experiences, give each other feedback and support and learn from each other’s activities.
The bulletin is written in English. It contains personal stories, reports about group meetings, announcements for seminars and workshops and reports about them, book reviews and websites.

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